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Michigan Miessence Organic Personal Care Products
My name is  Karin Caporale and I am part of the Miessence family.  I have been a member of this wonderful company since 2009.  I am a fairly eclectic person. I have a professional career as a Librarian and do some tutoring of ESL students (English As A Second Language). I love meeting people from different cultures and making new friends. I write poetry and I am working on a Children’s book and last, but not least, I love all things organic. I started ALL Ways Organic as a business to help people find reputable products that are truly beneficial to their body and free of toxic chemicals. I have had a passion for health and wellness ever since my children were little toddlers and I began to see the amount of ‘garbage’ (additives, pesticides, chemicals) that were being added to our food and our body care products by manufacturers. It was shocking to me. Over the years I tried many different beauty products claiming to be ‘natural’ and more recently,  ‘organic’, only to find that these statements were untrue. I was tired of paying for water and chemicals and getting irritated by the growing list of blatant lies promoted by the beauty industry. Accidentally, I stumbled across an Australian company I had never heard of – Miessence (pronounced my essence). The more products I tried the more I became impressed with the quality, research and integrity of the company. Most companies really only care about how much money they make and to do that they use more and more chemicals and additives as a cheap way to increase company profits. Miessence was different, and I fell in love with every product I tried. I found what I was looking for in Miessence: a company that proves what they claim by acquiring organic certification seals and creating products that contain ingredients that come straight from mother earth. The products are good for you and good for the planet. We can be healthier by being smarter consumers. You can start small. Do what you can. Invest in something that truly nurtures your body and your life.

Did you know:

One third of all personal care products contain one or more ingredients classified as possible human carcinogens. The average person uses 9 personal care products daily, exposing them to over 120 chemicals every day.
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